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Fong Sai U Isn’t Lovin’ It: “Everybody’s Yelling About Breakfast All Day From McDonald’s”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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[With his new “The Last Ronin” album coming soon, hip-hop veteran Fong Sai U counts down the days to its release by weighing in on daily hot topics with SOHH. Today, Fong gives his insight on McDonald’s All Day Breakfast craze.]

OK, so I once read a book called “Eat To Live” by Elijah Muhammad. It’s a good read and with that being said everybody’s yelling about breakfast all day from McDonald’s but that’s not real breakfast.

It’s processed food, frozen and thrown on the griddle to cook. Everyone knows McDonald’s is not a healthy choice when you’re trying to eat to live.


Don’t get me wrong, for a quick bite every now and then, but every day all day? No, not unless you want kidney stones, clogged arteries and a list of other things.

We live in a society where regular size food is not enough. We have triple large and the XXX burger. Then there’s someone rapping or singing on the commercial or talking about it with text to suck the youth in.

Bottom line, fast food all the time is not healthy. You can put all the nutritional facts on it and it’s not going to change the fact it’s not good for the body.

So let me know what y’all think. Can fast food help or hurt you?

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

SOHH.com Editorial Director. You can catch me clocking in steady work on Call of Duty when not covering everything hip-hop 24/7. My rap goats? Action Bronson and Curren$y.


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