[After recently releasing his long-awaited “The Last Ronin” album for free-99, rap veteran Fong Sai U decodes the album title.]

I got a squad called The League of Shadows. When it comes to names, it’s because of the way I grew up.

A lot of names come from movies. I was thinking about “The Last Samurai” with Tom Cruise and then I started researching what a Ronin was.

I was like, “D*mn, this n*gga believes in himself.” I went so deep that I have a tattoo reflecting that. I believe it so much. My sword is my tongue. That’s my Samurai sword, my words.

“Ballads of a Massacre” to “The Last Ronin,” that’s how serious I take this music.

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Even with production, I make a beat to shoot darts. When I do something, I do it to destroy. I don’t do it to run around with flowers and tight pants.

That’s what’s f*cked up about hip-hop right now, nobody is throwing darts. Nobody has blades. Nobody has swords. Everyone is running around f*cking under rainbows.

If you don’t have a high voice like a chipmunk, you’re running around with some tight a** clothes and nobody understands what you’re saying.

It’s time to bring back them swords.

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