[With his new “The Last Ronin” album arriving October 20, hip-hop veteran Fong Sai U counts down the days to its release by weighing in on daily hot topics with SOHH. Today, Fong gives his insight on the overly competitiveness of streaming services like Apple Music and Jay Z’s Tidal.]

SOHH let’s see, in today’s news Jay Z’s Tidal is giving a concert. Great.

I hate streaming services. It’s cool for the convenience for the consumer but give penny’s to the artist. Once upon a time you had to buy a whole album to hear it not sample songs and pick what you want or pay a membership and listen to all the free music you want while the artist starves.

No matter what service it is, you’re still losing out in some shape or form. Tidal wants to be exclusive so does Apple while Spotify is in the middle.

If you’re a mainstream artist that does crazy numbers you could care less but if you’re a new artist trying to grind your way up it hurts you.

But it’s the future.

Soon you won’t be able to find a CD player like a tape deck. I chose to use the Last Ronin album cover for today pic tell me what y’all think about streaming.

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