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Fong Sai U Argues Why Hip Hop Awards Will Never Be The Grammys: “F*ck The BET Awards”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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[With his new “The Last Ronin” album arriving October 20, hip-hop veteran Fong Sai U counts down the days to its release by weighing in on daily hot topics with SOHH. Today, Fong gives his insight on this week’s BET Hip Hop Awards show.]

I’m going to start this one different. Let’s start with the reason why the BET Awards could never be like the Grammys.

I’m not saying the Grammys is for us either but we can definitely start at the production value. The sound man sounds like he fell asleep and the visuals look like an unfocused beginner class.

So okay, they have BET Cyphers where you can rap your a** off and you won’t get any reaction from the crowd until you hit the quan.

They love to put hip-hop this and that in front of stuff that primarily represents the mainstream just so it can seem authentic.

It’s sad. I can count on my fingers who performs hip-hop there and who performs bullsh*t.

One. Styles P.

If you’re one of those “everything is hip-hop” people cool but it’s not. They gave out three awards and the rest was two seconds to create hooks and five minutes wanna be Metro Boomin or was 808 Mafia Beats. Respect to them. The producer can only control so much when it comes to the artist so with all this being said f*ck the Bet Awards.

Tell me what you think about it.

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

SOHH.com Editorial Director. You can catch me clocking in steady work on Call of Duty when not covering everything hip-hop 24/7. My rap goats? Action Bronson and Curren$y.


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