[With his new “The Last Ronin” album arriving October 20, hip-hop veteran Fong Sai U counts down the days to its release by weighing in on daily hot topics with SOHH. Today, Fong gives his insight on T.I.’s public apology for saying he would never vote for a female president.]

OK, before I start this one I want you to understand that this is an open discussion so your point of view is also important. That’s something I would love to most definitely hear.

With that being said, let’s get into it.

So T.I. said he wouldn’t want a woman president then took it back and apologized. I was never into politics that much even being from Washington, DC but I kinda see a little where he was coming from but I really don’t see anything wrong with a female president.

Once upon a time they thought we couldn’t have a black president and it happened.

Would I vote for her if she had a good agenda? Why not?

We as the people have been dealt some low cards.

For instance, Ronald Reagan and his drug laws to where you have brothers doing crazy time for a peanut size of crack to the Bushes where we lost a lot of brothers over greed, oil and power.

You had some black people getting mad at President Obama not understanding he still has to go through a Senate and if you don’t vote or do sh*t nothing will change in Alabama.

They are closing a lot of DMVs but don’t you need an ID to vote? So the political world can get deep and tricky.

Let me no what you think. Would you vote for a woman? What do you think about a female president?

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