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Floyd Mayweather Vows To Get Marion Knight Outta Jail? Suge Says He’s Gonna “Pray” For Manny Pacquiao Defeat

Written By Biz Jones

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Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has reportedly agreed to pay jailed music executive Marion “Suge” Knight‘s $10 million bail if he defeats Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend.

According to Suge’s attorney Matthew Fletcher, Floyd will cover Knight following a victory.

“They’re good friends,” Fletcher said. “That’s one of his wealthiest friends.” Fletcher said he talked to Knight on Wednesday about the possibility of Mayweather pulling through with bail. “Suge said, ‘Man, I was really going to pull for him to win, but now I’m going to have to pray for him to win,’” Fletcher said. (LA Times)

After appearing in court Thursday (April 30), a judge did not approve Suge’s request to have his bail reduced.

His attorney asked the court to reduce Knight’s bail, now set at $10 million, but Los Angeles County Judge Ronald Coen denied the request. Knight faces one count of murder for the death of Terry Carter, one count of attempted murder in the case of Cle “Bone” Sloan, who was maimed in the incident, and one count of hit-and-run. Knight, 49, faces up to life in prison if convicted. (CNN)

Bad Boy CEO Diddy has publicly placed a $250,000 bet on the fight.

Chicago rapper Lil Bibby has publicly shown support for Mayweather this month.


Reach Records’ KB told SOHH he was pulling for Pacquiao last week.

“Both of them can dominate anybody but it doesn’t go to Manny’s head. I like Manny as a fighting fan because fighting is also entertainment and Floyd knows that very well. Pacquiao, apart from his talent, won me over as a person. He’s somebody I would like to be like. And then he has those hands. Southpaw. You don’t know where those punches are coming from. Floyd, in the past, has had problems with Southpaw fighters that throw a lot of punches.” (SOHH)

Interscope Records’ K. Camp gave SOHH an interesting prediction a few days ago.

“I played sports growing up so I’m a big fan. For the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight, I’m putting my money on Floyd-Pacquiao. They’re going to knock each other out at the same time. I’m gonna call it. That’ll be a first. I’m trying to see it.” (SOHH)


Written by Biz Jones

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