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Floyd Mayweather Laughs Straight To The Bank Over Alleged 50 Cent Fight

Written By S. Samuel

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Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is showing fans he has a sense of humor by poking fun at recent gossip claiming he got into a physical altercation with longtime friend/rapper 50 Cent over money.

Rather than ignore the rumor, Mayweather hopped on Twitter and added his own twist to the topic with a staged photo.

Floyd Mayweather is making fun of a rumor that he and rapper 50 Cent got into a fist fight over money. According to reports, the men came to blows over the weekend when Mayweather refused to pay Fiddy $10,000 after losing a on a boxing match. The Jamaican Queens rapper allegedly took exception to the boxing champ’s reluctance to pay him, which led to a scuffle. And while there’s no confirmation this fight actually happened, Floyd clearly has caught wind of the rumor, and took to Twitter to poke fun at it: “Round 2: Me and @50Cent getting it on over some stacks,” he wrote. (RumorFix)

Recently, Fif talked about wanting to see Mayweather have his next professional fight in New York City.

“Floyd’s gotta go in, he’s gotta go to jail,” Fif said in an interview. “So when he comes out of jail, I want him to fight in New York. … He hasn’t fought in the East Coast, so I want to bring him to fight in, I don’t know, maybe I’ll get Jay involved and we’ll bring him to Brooklyn, to the new Nets stadium and if not that, then Yankees Stadium.” (This Is 50)

Earlier this month, Fif reacted to Mayweather winning a 12-round fight against boxer Miguel Cotto a few weeks ago.

“He wanted to knock him out. I mean, he could’ve outboxed him. There’s no one in the place wondering if Floyd could’ve outboxed him — he decided to stay in and mix it up, and a lot of those punches that people said ‘Ooh’ and ‘Ahh’ about during the actual fight, they weren’t landing. He was using defense. … If you look back, they kept showing the replays of Cotto’s punches landing because they saw blood on Floyd — everybody’s excited and I’m like, he’s kicking his a** the whole round and you show that in the highlights.” (Fight Hype)

Known for their close bond, Mayweather showed support for 50’s Street King energy shot campaign last fall.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather wake up in a disheveled hotel room after a wild night of partying in a parody of The Hangover created to promote Curtis’ Street King energy drink. One of the film’s stars Mike Tyson emerges from the bathroom singing 50?s “What Up Gangsta” before excitedly reminding the guys what went down. The clip flashes back to the trio sitting in a club as 50 spikes Tyson’s drink with a shot of Street King. It’s not long before he gets up and starts dancing with the ladies before taking them back to the room for a pillow fight. “Didn’t you see me step to that tall piece of water like a thoroughbred, not a loaf of bread, but a thoroughbred?” says Tyson as he jumps up and down. (Rap-Up)

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Written by S. Samuel

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