Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. defended his title Saturday (May 5) night by defeating Miguel Cotto in a close-knit fight which resulted in an unanimous decision.

After 12 hard fought rounds, Mayweather’s primed undefeated record remained in tact.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. used his speed and accuracy to win a unanimous decision Saturday night over a game Miguel Cotto in one of his toughest fights ever. Mayweather dominated late, rocking Cotto in the 12th round to pull out a win and remain unbeaten in 43 fights. But it wasn’t easy, with Mayweather getting his nose bloodied and Cotto fighting until the final bell. (Star-Ledger)

Although Mayweather resides in Las Vegas, the boxer’s win was met by disgruntled fans.

Mayweather won Cotto’s 154-pound title in the fight, which two judges scored 117-111 and the third 118-110. The decision was roundly booed by the crowd at the MGM Grand arena, which cheered wildly every time Cotto landed a punch. (Washington Post)

Mayweather’s win caught the attention of various celebrities including actor Marlon Wayans.

“Best fight Floyd’s had in a while,” he tweeted May 6th.

“Well a valiant effort by Cotto. Floyd’s just a beast. I learned something I already knew… Don’t bet against @FloydMayweather #fml 7 to 1”

“F*ck the bullsh*t I wanna see @FloydMayweather fight a young Larry Merchant. Ha! Genius” (Marlon Wayans’ Twitter)

Back in 2009, Cotto also fell short of a title win to boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Round 11: Cotto just wants to finish the fight. Pacquiao is landing big shots in the corner midway through the round, but Cotto escapes. Cotto gets on his bicycle and the crowd boos. I think they don’t know he’s in the ring with perhaps the best fighter of his generation. Round 12: Cotto doesn’t look inclined to fight and Pacquiao is frustrated. However, Pacquiao chases him down and after a big flurry, the referee steps in and stops the fight. (Fox Sports)