Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. really isn’t enjoying his retirement too much. Today, the sports mogul continued to build up hype surrounding a possible UFC debut.

Money Mayweather went to Instagram Wednesday (January 31) with footage of himself hinting at a much-wanted MMA rollout in 2018.

“2018, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, MMA. What are the odds? Paddy. What are the odds?”

Come at the king, you best not miss…

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Throughout the week, Mayweather has continued to troll his most recent boxing victim Conor McGregor on IG.

#MCM Mayweather Crushes McGregor.

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Fuck the Mayweathers.

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Earlier this month, Conor relied on his Instagram page to clap back at Mayweather.

Violate these nuts 🥜

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In a recent interview, New York rapper 50 Cent said he’d beat McGregor in a street fight.

“Right now, when he’s at 154 pounds?” 50 asked in response to a journalist’s question during a media conference call to promote his latest film, Den of Thieves. “I’m 225 right now! They don’t understand this is heavyweight [expletive] going on around here. I hit them, they see a white light. They hear a message. Slow down, boy. They think Jesus is talking to them.” He added: “Outside the confinements of the sport. If you got into a [street] fight, it’s a different thing.” (Express UK)

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