Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather is sending his condolences. Following the brutal murder of innocent black man George Floyd, the undefeated fighter has vowed to pay for funeral expenses.

George x Floyd

A member of Floyd’s family took to social media to thank Mayweather. They revealed he sent over a check for more than $88,000.

Multiple Services

Mayweather’s check covers costs for two additional services in Minnesota and North Carolina.

Mayweather personally has been in touch with the family, according to Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions. He will handle costs for the funeral on June 9 in Floyd’s hometown of Houston, as well as other expenses. TMZ originally reported Mayweather’s offer, and said he will also pay for services in Minnesota and North Carolina. “He’ll probably get mad at me for saying that, but yes, he is definitely paying for the funeral,” Ellerbe told on Monday. Mayweather, who lives in Las Vegas, has not met the Floyd family. (Time)

Wait, There’s More

UGK’s Bun B is making sure the entire world knows Houston is here for justice. The hip-hop veteran went online Wednesday to share footage of peaceful protestors arriving at demonstrations riding horses in support of the slain man Floyd.

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Before You Go

New York rapper Nicki Minaj isn’t staying silent. The hip-hop star has come forward to unload pure emotions connected to the murder Floyd at the hands of law enforcement.

“When 4 black THUGS commit a crime, if 1 person commits murder, they ALL get charged & CONVICTED. When white THUGS/COPS KILL innocent black people, ALL 4 of them are responsible‼️‼️‼️ They all watched an unarmed man die and did nothing‼️ Why do they have different rules????? Let your voice be heard. Be angry. White people have been using violence against us since the beginning of time. We didn’t invent violence & looting. Will these officers actually get convicted? Probably not. Let your voice be heard. Call & TEXT to be a part of these petitions. May Mr. Floyd Rest In Peace.” -Nicki Minaj’s Instagram