[With summer love right around the corner, hip-hop artist Floco Torres is ready to spread his wings and see what’s out there. The rap newcomer delivers his new "You!” music video. Peep below!]

“[I[I made this]n the studio. I was listening to Meiko’s “Moving Day” album while I was packing up and when “I can’t tell” came on, the idea just felt right at the time. I wanted to explain how I was feeling about a lot of things all at once. I started chopping the sample and then I played it for Shawty Slim and then we just ran with it.

The song was supposed to be a one off on Soundcloud but the more we played it, the more we liked it. Plus, at the moment we were tired of releasing songs for free and just hoping somebody heard it. The song’s vibe made the video easy. I wanted it to look and feel like the first time you realize you’re much better off with your new direction than you may have thought.