[With a legit series of remix videos properly called the "Real Mixes,” rapper Flawless talks to SOHH about his must-see visual collection and also weighs in on his hometown hero Tom Brady landing on the cover of Madden 18.]

The “Real Mixes” is a series within itself. I decided to do that. My alias is Flawless Real Talk and so the fans kind of adapted the Real Talk to the Flawless because of the music being so real. So I kind of did that to separate myself and make myself unique.

I started calling these freestyles “Real Mixes” and there’s a collection of them now. I have the “99 Problems” one, I did Young M.A’s “Ooouuu” and “Paid In Full” by Eric B. & Rakim. I did the Nas “Made You Look” “Real Mix” and they’ve always gotten a great response.


We’re taking classic music and popular music right now and giving it a fresh twist with my type of music and lyricism added to that flavor that’s already there. It’s been really great and we have more “Real Mixes” coming really soon in-between the videos and the singles to keep the listeners engaged and tuned into us.

The Madden curse! I’ll tell you what, if there is a Madden curse and it’s something people believe, it will be broken this year. If there’s somebody who will break anything, it’s going to be Tom Brady and it’s not going to be any limbs or anything, it’s just going to be records. New England all day!

It’s Patriots since day one. Tom Brady came in and Bledsoe got hurt, so I was bred a Patriot. The stadium is only 30 minutes from where I’m from so it’s home.

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