Thirsty Thursday. It’s a day to quench our thirst so why not get things started with the first James Bond not being Idris Elba? Speaking of powerful black men, how about Dr. Dre admitting he isn’t your social go-to guy? With the Doc still on your mind, could the new “Straight Outta Compton” movie have theaters beefing up security?

1. Oyelowo, Mr. David Oyelowo.

Martin Luther King’s James Bond? Sort of. It turns out the first-ever black James Bond will be “Selma” actor David Oyelowo but it’s not exactly what you might thin. The Verge is on it:

Acclaimed actor David Oyelowo will soon be the first black actor to play James Bond — in audiobook form at least. The Guardian reports that the English actor has been tapped to play 007 in Trigger Mortis, the next official book in the series.

Oyelowo received a personal invitation from the estate of Ian Fleming, the author of the original Bond spy novels, and claimed he was “very honored” at the opportunity, telling The Guardian, “I am officially the only person on planet Earth who can legitimately say: ‘I am the new James Bond.’” (The Verge)

This may not be on-screen but it’s a huge step in getting our first movie version black James Bond. Are you listening, Idris Elba? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

Find out what social anxiety Dr. Dre’s going through and why Universal had to speak out on the new N.W.A. flick on the next page…

2. Now We Know

After all of these years, we always thought Dr. Dre was just being cool by staying in the shadows. Now it looks like he really does have a problem with social settings. Rolling Stone is on it:


“I have social anxiety,” he says. “I don’t like being in the spotlight, so I made a fucking weird career choice.” He laughs. “That’s the reason for my mystique and why I’m so secluded and why everybody knows nothing about me. I think it added to the character in the movie because people get a chance to see behind the curtain.” (Rolling Stone)

With all of the fame he has enjoyed over the past few decades, isn’t this a little surprising? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

See what Universal had to say about it’s new flick on the next page…

3. Straight Outta Popcorn

It’s here, well, almost! “Straight Outta Compton” is arriving nationwide tomorrow and every real hip-hop head is going to find a way to see it. But could the film about N.W.A. be drawing security concerns? It looks like Universal had to speak out on the rumors. Deadline is on it:


For its part, Universal is downplaying the extent to which it is involved in any beefed up security, and is standing behind the film. “Universal is proud of our association with Straight Outta Compton, which vividly portrays the rise of five talented young men from underprivileged and oppressed backgrounds into one of the most influential acts in modern music history,” Universal said in a statement. “The film has been seen in hundreds of screenings, all of which have occurred without incident. The Studio has not solicited enhanced security for theaters that will be showing the film this weekend, but has partnered with those exhibitors who’ve requested support in their locations.” (Deadline)

With that being said, anyone buy their ticket already? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.