[Right now it’s all about Madden 18 but before you know it, EA Sports’ powerhouse FIFA franchise is coming back strong. FIFA 18 delivers The Journey: Hunter Returns – peep the trailer below and 5 key moments from the must-watch 90-second clip!]

The co-stars in here are superstars.

FIFA is not holding back – from adidas to Coca-Cola, this is a real-life experience.

You can tell there’s a story about redemption on here.

The NBA superstar James Harden comes through with this big cameo!

Moment of truth – you can tell this could be the climax or finale of this story mode.

Game synopsis:

The story follows the return of Alex Hunter – played by Tomiwa Edun – to Premier League action following his breakthrough first year as he continues to gain recognition from top clubs the world over.

The trailer reveals a huge development in Alex Hunter’s storyline – in The Journey II, Hunter will be announced as the final transfer in a summer full of blockbuster moves. Hunter is signing for four teams – LA Galaxy, PSG, Bayern and Atletico. This narrative will enable players to experience diverse football landscapes in a truly global journey, from summer break in Brazil to a pre-season tour in Los Angeles.

In addition, the trailer reveals an incredible, star-studded cast that will join Alex, including Cristiano Ronaldo, James Harden, Thierry Henry, Rio Ferdinand, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, and Thomas Muller.

FIFA 18 arrives Friday, September 29th!