New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap‘s deejay has come forward to update fans on his friend’s status following a motorcycle accident early Saturday (September 26).

DJ Louie Styles assured fans with updates and a picture of Wap via Twitter.

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According to reports, Wap treated fans to an early stream of his self-titled debut album this week.

Over 20 songs it stays true. That abundance is thoughtful, collecting as it does the heat that’s been floating around, the singles with industry muscle behind them, seven songs produced by Peoples, seven featuring Fetty’s right hand, Monty, almost all of which were recorded and redone in Clifton, New Jersey, nowhere expensive. He’s been making this music for himself and it turns out it’s good to us, too. (NPR)

The overnight rap star’s official full studio release tracklisting surfaced online earlier this month.

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