Rapper Ferrari isn’t trying to spark problems with Rob Kardashian. The hip-hop artist has finally chimed in on his rumored girlfriend Blac Chyna‘s publicized e-beef with RK.

Approached by a paparazzo this week, Chyna’s overnight bae didn’t cave into sex tape rumors but did sing a Rob K praise.

“Ask Chyna,” Ferrari said when asked about their relationship. “Ask Chyna. [Will she stay with Rob?] I honestly don’t know. [Do I feel bad?] I can’t really answer. I don’t know. I feel good. I feel good. Rob’s a good guy. Rob’s a good guy. [Sex tape rumors?] Ask Chyna man. Ask Chyna.” (TMZ)

Last night, BC jumped on IG with some promotional pics and possible subliminal captions.


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Yesterday’s Chyna’s former boyfriend Tyga refused to address her headline-generating feud.

“I’m dropping a new project, July 21,” Tyga said when asked for his take on ChyRo. “You’re crazy man. I’m really in a good mood right now – I’m just focused, taking care of my business, taking care of my son, you feel me?” (TMZ)

On Thursday, Chyna’s alleged new bae Ferrari added fuel to the fire with bedroom pics.