With Red Cafe‘s announcement of starting a new group alongside Fabolous called The Bedrock Boyz this week, SOHH hit up Ferrari Boyz contributing producer Drumma Boy for his take on the similar name.

In Drumma’s eyes, he does not feel Cafe and Fab are name jacking simply because the term “Boyz” is widely used.

“The ‘Boyz’ has always been popular,” Drumma Boy told SOHH when asked for his opinion on Red Cafe and Fabolous’ new Bedrock Boyz group. “Boyz N The Hood, The New Boyz [and expressions like] ‘I’m kicking it with my boys on the block.’ That’s so much of a common term. You got the Ferrari Boyz, the Chevy Boyz, all of these different car cliques and organizations. Ferrari Boyz, they got their joint. I think it’s just a terminology that us as black up-and-coming young brothers, it’s just a term that we use. There’s a lot of Boyz cliques and I don’t see nothing wrong with that. It’s just a different clique. It’s a different word for clique, it’s a different word for posse, gang, squad. You know what I’m saying? You got Ferrari Boyz, you got Brick Squad, all of these different terms. We try to flip it up as much as possible. Aye Yeaaaahhhh Booooooy.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, Red Cafe broke the news of his new crew.

“We have this group we’re working on called the Bedrock Boyz and we’re trying to get this project out now, like the Fall,” revealed Red Cafe. “That’s a name we call Brooklyn, we call BK Bedrock. It’s really just me and Fab but there’s some guys we like you’lll hear. We did about 8-records to far. You can definitely look for that project soon.” (VIBE)

In March, Gucci Mane announced plans to drop an album called Ferrari Boyz alongside Waka Flocka with help from producers like Drumma Boy and Shawty Redd.

According to Mane (real name: Radric Davis), “Ferrari” will showcase the two MCs equally and arrive “in the next few months” on 1017 Brick Squad Records, with production by Drumma Boy, Schife, FATBOI and Shawty Redd featured on up to 20 tracks. “This album is gonna be the hardest album of the year,” Mane tells Billboard.com. “The songs are so clever, the beats are so slammin’, and the lyrics are just so aggressive. There’s so much energy that we bring to the studio. Nobody’s gonna be able to top this album that me and Waka are coming out with.” (Billboard)

Earlier this month, Drumma Boy was spotted at the BET Awards in Los Angeles.

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was Sunday. That afternoon, the BET Awards pre-show kicked off with amazing performances. On the red carpet, or should I say green carpet because the carpet was actually green, I spotted two Memphians, actress Elise Neal and rapper/producer Drumma Boy. “I’m looking forward to seeing Patti LaBelle,” said Drumma Boy. “I heard she’s going to be in the building, she reminds me of mom. She’s going to feel my soul with her singing tonight.” (Tri-State Defender)

Check out some recent Drumma Boy footage below: