Internet celebrity Fatboy SSE has everyone paying attention. The viral funnyman has fired off a warning shot at rapper Joe Budden.

Fatboy went to Twitter Monday (August 7) and directly name-checked Joey.

Tensions apparently stem from Joe Budden saying Fatboy shouldn’t mention him.

Back in April, Fatboy linked up with Dipset’s Jim Jones.

Got @fatboy_sse at prime wit us bout to put him on to those fried Oreos n red velvet change his life lol

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Lol @fatboy_sse at prime

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Earlier the same month, Fatboy sparked a hilarious reaction from rap star Kendrick Lamar.


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Earlier this year, G-Unit boss 50 Cent heavily co-signed the Internet stud on Instagram.

I'm hungry,I didn't eat all day, I'm light headed. 😆I'm gonna put this kid on TV watch.LOL

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