Never in my lifetime did I think that anyone would ever use a line from Fat Joe. Even though Remy is down with TS she quotes Jay-Z. Jay stays quoting Snoop and B.I.G..

The lender:

"I can kick it this way, I can kick it thattaway;
I kick a funky style, from New York to Piscataway" – Fat Joe, Flow Joe

The borrower:

"I can do it this-a-way, I can do it that-a-way
From the crib in Virginia to that new Miami getaway" – Pharrell, Can I Have it Like That

You know what this means right? 

The end of the world is coming sooner than we think.

Nevertheless, let’s have some fun.

In Nelly‘s new song, Grills, he quotes LL Cool J. I will send $10.00 via PayPal to the first person who posts up the ORIGINAL LYRIC, the NEW LYRIC and what song it came from. At the end of the song, the girl is signing a hook that is borrowed from another popular old school song. I will send an additional $5.00 to the first person who posts up what song that is from, and who sung it.

[Notice WHO SUNG IT is in italics which means that I don’t want to know who the rappers is that did the song. I want you to tell me who sung it.] and Current/Former Def Jam Employees can not participate.