Today while reading’s The Top 25 “What If The Notorious BIG Was Still Here?” List, I seriously bugged out reading Fat Joe‘s comment.

“Fat Joe and Biggie would have made a Twins album. I was gonna sign to Bad Boy when Biggie died and we was going do an album together. That’s when Atlantic signed me; they gave me mine own label and stole me from Puff Daddy.” – Fat Joe


First off, if BIG died, how would you do an album together? How would that work Joe?

Now this isn’t the first time Fat Joe has shown BIG extra love. On 106 and Park about a year or so ago, I remember him saying that he and BIG spoke everyday on the phone.

I’d like to know what cellphone plan BIG had. I mean according to Jay-Z and Nas, he was talking to them everyday too. These dudes must talk on the phone like hoes.

But back to Joe’s comment.

Can you see Joey Crack on Bad Boy? Nope.

And shouldn’t Joe have done a Twins album with Pun before BIG? I still find it weird that he wore a B.I.G. ‘people shirt’ in the Lean Back video and not a Big Pun shirt.

God bless the dead, but Joe – rep your own dead homeboy! I mean, that was your boy right? Why don’t you quote more Pun in your rhyme?Jose, rep for your boy.

Fat Joe = SOHH Fickle