Last night, Terror Squad leader Fat Joe held a listening session for his upcoming Darkside album and proved he is still beefing with rap rival 50 Cent.

Joey Crack calls out 50’s government name on a track called “Welcome to the Darkside.”

“Welcome to the Darkside” (Scram Jones) features a few clever lines and hard production. Ends with “We gone throw the biggest party when Curtis die.” Draw your own conclusion. Cool & Dre keep that flame hot on “Valley Of Death”. Very low bottoms, guitars, and loud ambient noise. Scorching hot. Just Blaze gave Joe an immense, bottomless beat for “I Am Crack” and Joe delivers one of the all time gully songs speaking as the drug itself. “It’s Crack, baby minus the incubator.” Sick. The “Kilo is 1000 grams” sample first flipped by Ghost is somersaulted by DJ Infamous on “Kilo” which features The Clipse and Cam’ron. Very, very ugly. Infamous bodies “Rappers Are In Danger” as well. (Planet Ill)

Last October, 50 talked about his rap beef with Joe.

“I knew Fat Joe’s pride would bring him out first, even if he wasn’t in the position to win,” 50 explained in an interview. “And he would go and go and go because he has the tough-guy aura. He’s tougher in his head than he is in reality, as far as his Don Cartagena sh*t is concerned. It feels great because everybody’s paying attention to them and talking on the radio about them. Mind you, while they’re going out and doing all of this talking, I’m just chilling. I’ll send them out like they’re a rap fan so they can market me.” (Complex)

Prior to 50’s interview, Joe thanked the rapper for promoting his J.O.S.E. Part II on ThisIs50 through photo shopped images and publicly saying his music was painfully bad.

“I’ve realized something really, that, [50 Cent is] my number one fan and really loves Fat Joe,” Joey told radio personality Angie Martinez. “I’m really tuned in to that, I really came to that realization that he’s my number one fan because I’m a little upset at the label, I felt we could have did way more promotions, but if you didn’t know Fat Joe’s album was coming out today, I think he said, ‘Yo, my man Joe needs this little bit of promotion man, like he’s so much of a formidable opponent, that you know, I gotta keep this guy around, I gotta go promote his new album.’ Absolutely. Promotions. Nah, thank-you 50, man, major promotions, you really bigged me up. Nobody was thinking about me before that, thank-you, I love you. J.O.S.E. II in stores right now.” (Hot 97)

Recently, Fat Joe compared 50 and Young Money‘s Drake.

“As far as I’m concerned, [50 Cent] had one hot album, and his first album was a classic and that’s it. After that everything else was bubble gummed down. So Drake, I think he will outlast 50 Cent. If you talk about 50 Cent on top really making hot music it didn’t even last two, three, four years.” (VIBE)

The Darkside is expected to drop summer 2010.

Check out footage from Fat Joe’s listening session below: