Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has come forward to vouch for Joell Ortiz in light of the backlash he received for dropping his tribute record, “Big Pun’s Back.”

Calling Ortiz’s record great, Joey Crack slammed the people Pun associated himself with.

“See, what happened is Big Pun was surrounded by an enormous amounts of idiots,” Joe explained in an interview. “And, sad to say, as big of a genius he was, and beautiful as he was, and I’m not just saying that ’cause he dead, ’cause he was the most loyal, beautiful person — He’s my brother. I worship him to death… But, it’s unfortunate he was surrounded by a bunch of f*cking idiots. Nincompoops. You got a younger Spanish dude who’s hot in the streets and he wants to honor Big Pun and you throw slander at him and you disrespect him for f*cking only honoring Pun? How do expect anybody else to honor Big Pun?! Or talk about him in a good way?!” (XXL Mag)

When asked for his opinion on ex-Terror Squad members Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine going at Oritz, Joey questioned their relevancy.

“I really don’t tune in to these n*ggas,” Fat Joe added. “Like, who are these n*ggas? To be honest with you, they aren’t even relevant. I just hear the gossip n*ggas tell me, like this n*gga said.. I was like, what? There you go. That’s why n*ggas can’t do the tribute to Pun, all proceeds to his kids. N*ggas can’t do the VH1 Honors, cause these n*ggas are straight scums of the Earth. Straight scumbags. Like I said, Big Pun, as beautiful as he was, as an angel of a guy, cause he’s an angel.. Big Pun would take a crackhead off the streets and give him chicken at his house and rice and beans in one second. He was a great dude and a great father. But, it’s sad that he was surrounded by so many f*cking bad people. For real, it’s crazy” (XXL Mag)

Last month, Cuban Link talked about his gripe with Oritz’s tribute.

“First of all, duke said the new Christopher Lee Rios of rap,” Link explained. “That you want to be the new Christopher Lee Rios. You already want to be like my man — You supposed to be giving love, but you want to be the new. You taking the spot or something. When I don’t even feel like you’re in the same realm as him — Second strike, you gonna say in your second verse, ’45 will hit you like a heart attack.’ For real? You’re going to use the word ‘heart attack’ on my brother’s song? You giving him love, but yet you gon’ put that word heart attack? He died of a heart attack. That’s very disrespectful to the family, if you don’t know. If you still confused.” (WSHH)

Following Link and Sunshine’s remarks, Ortiz stepped forward to address the hype.

“Once again, I was confused. When I speak on them, I speak a little different, because Cuban knows me,” Ortiz told radio host Funkmaster Flex Tuesday (June 14) night. “I had met Tony Sunshine before. It was a tribute, and it was a freestyle and it was in memory of a great rapper…Flex, I’m from Brooklyn. I don’t have to check in with anyone about anything. I did it for Big Pun to keep his legacy alive. That’s it. to be honest with you, I’m in September in my mind already. ‘Big Pun’s Back’ was recorded late April, early May, knowing that the Puerto Rican Day parade was coming up and knowing that his tribute and his legacy needed to stay alive. Who else but me? That’s how I felt. But I don’t gotta check in with anybody. About anything.” (Hot 97)

Check out Cuban Link & Tony Sunshine speaking on Joell Ortiz below: