New York rapper Fat Joe is giving everyone the motivation to play Only Built 4 Cuban Linx on repeat today. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to celebrate the iconic album’s 25-year anniversary.

Fat Joe Celebrates Raekwon + Ghostface Killah

On Saturday, Joey Crack went to his Instagram page to shout-out both Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. Fat Joe shared their album’s artwork and put respect on both their names.

“Happy 25 Anniversary @raekwon @realghostfacekillah my Royal brothers Congrats 🙏🏽” -Fat Joe’s Instagram

“Love you bro!!!” -Raekwon

Fat Joe celebrates Raekwon’s classic album.

High-Key Details

On Saturday, streaming giant TIDAL went to its social media platforms to celebrate Rae’s milestone. It also shared a link to learn more about the Chef’s legendary contribution to the music biz.

“25 years ago today. Revisit #Raekwon’s ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…’ and learn about The Purple Tape’s impact when you hit the link in bio.” -TIDAL’s Instagram

“Legendary!!!!” -Lenny S

Raekwon’s 25-year anniversary celebrated by TIDAL.

Wait, There’s More

This past Friday, rap veteran Nas went to his social media pages to put respect on Raekwon’s name. The Queens rap legend called Rae one of the best rap artists – ever – and acknowledged the album’s birthday.

“Yo @raekwon Peace Beloved. My brother. I Salute you on this Classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx aka The Purple Tape. 25 Years Club General. You one of the greatest to touch a mic. Great times when @realghostfacekillah and us recorded Verbal Intercourse. This Lp changed the game. Thank you King. Congrats” -Nas’ Instagram

“Salut family. The green jacket club. Word !!!!” -Raekwon

“🙌🏾” -Ghostface Killah

Heading into the weekend, Raekwon celebrated his game-changing album.

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Classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx merchandise.

Before You Go

The legendary album comes packed with unforgettable records including Raekwon’s unforgettable “Incarcerated Scarfaces.”