Terror Squad leader Fat Joe is ready to leave more than a music legacy behind and has delved into a handful of business ventures outside of hip-hop.

According to Joey Crack, he has his hands in a slew of new opportunities including a marketing company and shows.

Fat Joe said he’s moving on. He is now the president of the urban and Latino division of Market America, an Internet-based marketing company. “It’s a product brokerage company,” he explained. “We don’t manufacture anything, we just go with what’s hot.” He’s also hosting a new show on MTV 2, “Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave,” which focuses on the lifestyles of professional baseball players. (New York Daily News)

Last month, music producer Scott Storch spoke out on what Joey Crack has cooking up.

Footage of the two reigniting the flame that brought them the “Lean Back” monster smash back in 2004 reveals Storch sharing how he met Joe, and the significance of their reunion. “I let a lot of people down a lot of times. He and I, we’d come together a few times a couple years back,” he shared. “And he was kind of disappointed I guess, because I didn’t have that fire. I wasn’t cookin’ it up. And now to come and f-ckin’ reunite together, after he’s back home and he’s inspired and doing his thing again, it’s such good timing.” (VIBE)

In January, Storch said he was most excited about hooking back up with Fat Joe and churning out new hits.

“One of the things that I’m really looking forward to is getting back and working with my brother Fat Joe,” Storch said in an interview. “I just talked to him over the [winter] holiday and he’s anxious and excited to get back in and we’re both in a good place now. I always have good luck with Joe. Lightning has struck quite a few times in the same place — Joe’s got a great ear [for music] too.” (“Mikey T The Movie Star”)

In December, Joe said he had kept busy with various activities during his jail stretch.

“Man, I just been working, working out, reading a lot, educating myself, eating healthy,” Joe said when asked how he kept busy during his bid. “I was in the building where you don’t see the sun. So I came out like a white chicken wing – I ain’t have the sunrays.” (Revolt TV)