New York rap veteran Fat Joe is glad to see Ma$e back to rapping but has his concerns. The hip-hop artist recently shared his take on Mason Betha making another surprise return to the rap game.

In a new interview, Joey Crack applauded Ma$e’s comeback but questioned his trend of not sticking around for long.

“I was entertained by that,” Fat Joe said referring to the Ma$e and Cam’ron feud. “But you know Ma$e is Kanye West’s favorite rapper. You know Ma$e is Eminem’s favorite rapper. Ma$e is nothing to be f*cked with. Dipset is guilty of it. I’m guilty of it. We’ve all been playing with Ma$e. I was very, very surprised [when I heard ‘The Oracle’] because it’s very, very hard. I went to jail for four months and when I went to the booth, I almost cried. I was off beat. I was like, ‘Oh my God. I fell off.’ And by like the second day I caught it but I thought I lost it. … The problem with Ma$e is we don’t know. Is he in the fight or not? He’s in church and now he’s back. Then he’s back to church. We can’t really hold onto something. Like, ‘Yo, this my n*gga, yo, I’m rocking with him,’ because we don’t know.” (“Everyday Struggle”)

This week, Dipset’s Jim Jones revealed former NBA great Allen Iverson personally reached out to end tensions toward Ma$e.

This week, Jimmy publicly questioned Ma$e’s street credentials amid his feud with Dipset boss Cam’ron.

“End bad for who, bruh? I wanna see how that movie ends bad. You was never been known for Murda Ma$e ever in your career. You don’t have no arrests on your rap sheet. You haven’t even been in court at all. What are you talking about it’s going to end bad? You don’t hang out with no tough guys. Do your music, you just did the record with Puffy and Khaled. I doubt Puffy and Khaled want to be associated with the bozoness you’re trying to pull off. That’s not in their lane. Your history is your history and the more you get into this, the more people are going to find out who you really are and it’s not going to turn out to be what you think you are. Like come on man, rock your fur coats, do your sh*t, get busy. You want to come to Harlem and hang out You want to play in the basketball tournaments in the summer? Come on, it’s all love up there. We ain’t got no problems with you, bruh. I d*mn sure don’t have no problems with you, bruh. I don’t think you want this anyway. At all. You dig? And I don’t want to talk about this. You know my heart start pumping.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

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“You was never known for #murdamase ever in your career” – #jimjones message to #Mase (part 2)

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Recently, Jim explained his disinterest in entertaining Ma$e’s feud.

“I don’t get involved with that type, it’s not going to lead nowhere. Ma$e is a pastor, he’s a rapper, he’s a pastor. Cam is my brother. I know both of them personally. Cam is my man. I know the real stories and it’s not to get into. It’s not worth nothing. None of us is lit out here to be beefing with each other or doing no rap battles. It’s over. It was popping for a day and a half amongst the rap community because people get bored on the IG and things like that and now it’s over. I would jump into some bs like that for what? It ain’t worth nothing. … We about this Dipset movement. We about to put out some music. … Why now after we set the city on fire?” (Hot 97)