New York rapper Fat Joe and French Montana might have to go “All The Way Up” to court in order to clear their names. Reports claim the duo are accused of stealing their “All The Way Up” classic.

According to reports, a musician claims he co-wrote the 2016 hit but didn’t get his profits.

According to docs obtained by TMZ … Eric A. Elliott (aka Fly Havana) says he’s a struggling Miami-based hip-hop artist who co-created the track back in 2015 over the course of a few hours, working alongside rapper Infared. But, according to docs, Elliott says Fat Joe cheated him out of credit and compensation. Elliott says he nagged Joe about getting a credit, but it wasn’t until March 2016 when Fat Joe finally agreed to meet — at an IHOP, no less — and cut him a check for $5k. (TMZ)

Despite an initial $5,000 payout, Joe supposedly promised to pay more if the song became a hit.

In the suit, Elliott says Joe promised more dough would come as the track generated more income — but Elliott says that never happened. He also claims he confronted French Montana outside of DJ Khaled’s studio in 2017 … and got the silent treatment. Elliott’s suing to get co-writing credit for the track and other damages. We’ve reached out to Fat Joe and French Montana … so far, no word back. (TMZ)

Back in May 2016, music icon JAY-Z blessed Joe’s infectious banger with his own remix.

“The world will know who’s on the remix,” the Bronx rapper said with a smile. “I turned down some really really really big names for the remix. Like, the biggest guys on Earth but was just like, yo, I wanna keep it New York.’ So hopefully I win on my roll of the dice but I’m excited for the city.” (Billboard)