Fanstereo’s Ayo & Teo Celebrity Capsule Collection: “More Affordable Than Beats By Dre & More Powerful Than You’d Ever Imagine”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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Do you need to get your headphones right? Tired of buying bad technology? Could you use a serious upgrade with all of your favorite audio devices?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should get your hands on Fanstereo’s new Ayo & Teo Celebrity Capsule Collection of headphones, speakers and more! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own!]

Reason 1: The Brand Recognition

The first reason you should buy Fanstereo’s Ayo & Teo celebrity capsule collection of high-tech gadgets is because of who they are. If you’ve heard the song “Rolex” – especially Meek Mill’s shout-out of their hit anthem – or watched any of their endless YouTube dance videos, then you should already know Ayo & Teo are leading the way for the next generation of musicians. Their 2 million-plus followers per Instagram page alone tells you they have a loyal following and their signature masks give them instant brand recognition. But what’s giving them the edge over other hip-hop newcomers is their personalized Fanstereo selections. Before getting into each of those – just know the partnership between Fanstereo and Ayo & Teo just makes sense. Both are hungry brands ready for what the mainstream competition has to offer – whether it’s Lil Uzi Vert and Tekashi 6ix9ine or Beats By Dre and Monster, this tag team partnership is worth getting down with! [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO GRAB YOURS NOW!]

Reason 2: The Widespread Options

The second reason you should check out the Fanstereo selections from Ayo & Teo is because of how many choices you have. Let’s all think back to when Beats By Dre really infiltrated the industry around 2009 and 2010 with those massive headphones – sure, they were signature but who really wanted to walk around with those massive headsets. Ayo & Teo along with Fanstereo are all about different floats and different boats. You have the perfect audio device waiting for you. Personally, as someone who loves to work up sweats biking and at the gym, the wireless earbuds are LIFE! But if you’re a fan of the over the ear style, then look no further than the Studio 43 wireless headphones. If you need a little bit more sound and power, then getting your hands on the Nubump+ is a match made in heaven with loud sound and no wires to worry about. Whatever your preference, they gotcha! [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO GRAB YOURS NOW!]

Reason 3: The Headphones

The third reason you should check out Ayo & Teo’s new Fanstereo gadgets is because of the headphones alone. Sure, there is a brief mention up above but let’s be real – it’s all about headphones in 2018 and moving into the future. More importantly, it’s about ‘wireless’ headphones in 2018. Team Apple has made it tough for people looking for traditional inputs on phones without having to go through adapters – but with that obstacle really gave birth to the beauty of bluetooth technology. The in-ear wireless headphones and over the ear headphones are both amazing. If you’re always on the go and need to keep items down to a minimum, then it just makes sense to grab the in-ear headphones as they’ll keep you powered up and jamming throughout the day. If you need a little more power and are pretty stable – gearing up for exams, going on a steady commute – then the over the ear headphones are without a doubt what you should go for. Priced at a little over $100, these headphones will stand the test of time. Not only are these more affordable than Beats By Dre and more powerful than you’d ever imagine. The comfort level is just ridiculous with the soft cushions and with more than 13 hours of playtime available, your entire day commute is covered and then some. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO GRAB YOURS NOW!]

Reason 4: The NuBump & NuBump+

The fourth reason you should check out Fanstereo’s Ayo & Teo line is because of the NuBump+ device. Look, let’s face it, the spring and summer seasons will be here before you know it – facts. While headphones are great, when the weather is nice and you have windows open or are just chilling outside at the basketball court, park or if you’re lucky enough to hit the beach, you’re going to need this. Probably the loudest bluetooth speaker you’ll ever get your hands on – and it’s wireless! This relies on a lithium battery and can hold onto a connection up to 75 feet away from where your connected device is. Did we mention this is wireless? Again – in 2018, wires should almost be banned. One of the most slept-on features of the NuBump is its weight. Ridiculously lightweight is an understatement. Not only can this slip into your pocket but it makes for the bes travel companion. Ever get stuck in a hotel or room to work and want to have some music a little stronger than what your MacBook has to offer? Fanstereo has your answer! [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO GRAB YOURS NOW!]

Reason 5: Mission Statement

The fifth reason you should get behind this new line-up is because of the overall message behind Fanstereo. Sorry – we don’t mean to get all PR ‘ish on you, but there’s just some important words you gotta hear from co-founder Jay Leopardi’s mouth:

Fanstereo’s consumer electronic products, which include headphones, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and patented mobile technologies, were all created with patented HPA (High Precision Audio) and are designed to deliver the most pristine quality sound, utilizing ground-breaking technology. Fanstereo’s products are designed out of aluminum, stainless steel and hand-picked leathers.

[“Ayo and Teo have captured the millennial generation’s attention with their innovative dance moves and music. Now, through Fanstereo, we are truly honored to partner with them to launch our very first celebrity capsule collection,” Jay Leopardi continued. “They are the first of many artists to work with us, and we’re ready to make some noise across the industry.”

Ayo and Teo were influenced from legendary artists growing up, and quickly developed their own unique brand of dancing, which led to uploading videos of themselves directly to their social pages. Through the power of social media, they began to gain mass appeal by creating “dance challenges,” such as “The Reverse of the Nae Nae,” which went viral overnight. Today, the duo are at the top of the charts, with their hit song “Rolex,” and are now expanding their global reach, through their partnership with Fanstereo.]

If that doesn’t give you a ‘feel good’ emotion going through your body for why these are worth supporting, then you might want to just start over with reason one! [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO GRAB YOURS NOW!]

Check out the top five reasons you should buy Ayo & Teo's Fanstereo Celebrity Capsule Collection and enter to win … in getfrush Entertainment on LockerDome
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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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