Hollywood actor Faizon Love is getting ready to make social media boil. The veteran entertainer has singled out rap star Snoop Dogg for having a chance to keep 2Pac alive.

In a new viral clip, Love explains why Pac and Snoop’s issues ultimately cost him protection.

“I always felt when Pac died, it was because – Snoop could have stopped the whole thing because like I said, Snoop was a Crip, Pac affiliates were Crips doing some gang sh*t, some dumb gang sh*t. Really. It set off a whole chain of events. You know n*ggas in LA don’t get mad, they get even. So if you want a real Pac story, that’s why Pac’s story, because Pac would be alive today if he had stayed allies with Snoop and not crossed Snoop. Think about it, all the songs that Pac did, he only did one with Snoop.”

#FaizonLove says that #SnoopDogg could've prevented #2pac from being killed via @rob_lane_edits

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In other Pac-related news, the new All Eyez On Me flick made millions at the box office.

On what would’ve been Tupac Shakur’s 46th birthday, Lionsgate-Codeblack released the long-gestating biopic “All Eyez on Me” pulling an estimated $27.1 million in its debut weekend. Though only a third-place finish, it far surpassed analyst expectations of $17 million to $20 million, an unsurprising feat considering the industry’s historical inability to properly track films targeting black audiences. (Los Angeles Times)

The release managed to bring in big bucks despite low ratings and celebrity criticism.


“All Eyez on Me” didn’t get much help from critics — its aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes stands at only 24%. It was also known as a troubled production. A Vulture report detailed how it was first conceived in 1997, and landed in theaters two decades later having weathered multi-million dollar lawsuits and writer and director changes. While it did receive support from some key celebrities, others like Jada Pinkett Smith and John Singleton were outspoken in their criticism of the film and its portrayal of Shakur. (Variety)

Over the past few days, New York rapper 50 Cent bashed All Eyez On Me across Instagram.