New York rapper Fabolous has announced a slight setback to his long-awaited The Young OG Project 2 album this week.

Initially slated to arrive this week, Fab said production issues has caused the project to suffer a delay.

“I was supposed to drop The Young OG Project 2 on Christmas but I needed some more clearance time. My samples weren’t clearing in time. [Summertime Shootout] performed very well so I wanted to give it some room to breathe. I want to shoot some videos off it. I’m going to push The Young OG Project to February and use the month of January to promote [it]. You don’t really realize how close Thanksgiving and Christmas are until you actually live it.” (Hot 97)

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Last month, Fab announced new music plans on social media.

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Earlier this year, Fab talked about the release of his The Young OG Project.

“With this project, I’m not looking at numbers or thinking that you got to have singles. It’s a different time in music. All the conventional ways of doing things are old, and you don’t need to do anything that way again. You need to find new ways to spark people’s interest.” (Billboard)

Fab publicly reacted to selling 71,000 copies in the album’s opening week last New Year’s Eve.