Grammy-nominated rapper Fabolous can’t get enough of his epic Pablo Escobar Halloween costume. The rap veteran has treated Instagram followers to more pics of his epic “Narcos”-inspired gear.

Last night (November 1), Fab went to IG with a handful more shots of his Halloween-stealing gear.

Tata gonna get it tonight.. @dussecognac [shot by @justgerard] #Vanity #NYC #HalloweenParty

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The Pablo's. @reebokclassics [shot by @justgerard] #Fablo

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Hours prior, Fab shocked social media with his Pablo pics.

Before he go to the Halloween Costume Party, Pablo gotta call Tata.. #DonFablo #Freshcobar #HappyHalloween

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A few months ago, Fab dished out his obsession with Netflix’s hit “Narcos” show.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.01.29 PM

Last year, rap star Rick Ross credited “Narcos” for inspiring his first film.

Inspired by the Netflix series Narcos, Ross’ film, the name of which stands for “Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy,” was originally intended to be a single movie. “I feel it’s too big to be one film,” he says. “I feel we should film it, break it down and make it a series, if we can.” “Writing a film, you can bring it all to life, whether it’s for yourself or another character in a film,” he says. Ross has not detailed when GABOS will be filmed or released. (Rolling Stone)