Def Jam rapper Fabolous has spoken out to clear up comments he made this week on ESPN about fellow hip-hop artist Macklemore dominating the Grammy Awards with handfuls of rap category wins.

Instead of taking his comments back, Loso compared Mack to retired NBA great Robert Horry for standing in the winner’s circle while onlookers have hated.

“They ain’t never won no rings, but be mad at Horry.. Never be mad because someone else is the WINNER. Congratulate them. Use it as motivation and work harder so you can be the WINNER too. Or you can always be a WINNER on your own terms. Without accolades, trophies or others recognition you can still be a WINNER!! When they asked me about Macklemore winning Grammys all I could do was congratulate the WINNER. Even if my opinion on if he should’ve won differs (which wasn’t asked) I still salute WINNERS!! And any artist or up & coming I’ve met, one of the 1st things I say to them is “Congratulations” #SoulTape3 #YoungOG,” Fab posted January 28. (Fabolous’ Instagram)

On the ESPN broadcast, Fab acknowledged Macklemore as a great musician and noted the Grammys had unusual politics when it came to choosing its winners.

“I wouldn’t say he’s overrated. I think he’s a good artist. I think he makes great music. And he’s one of the new artists that’s came in on the independent wave. So, I think he’s definitely done a lot for that whole wave too as well. So, I think he’s a good artist,” Fab said in an interview. “I think he’s more commercial and it fits in the kind of music that the Grammys celebrates and is looking for. There’s guys who’ve had tremendous success who’ve never won Grammys. 50 Cent has sold millions and millions of records, he’s not a Grammy winner because of maybe his style of music or whatever. But I think Macklemore fits in there.” (ESPN)

Yesterday, Macklemore singled out the annual awards ceremony’s biggest flaw.

“It’s a blessing and a curse, a little bit more the curse,” Mack said in an interview. “When we were at the nominations [event] and the nominations come out, first and foremost, Kendrick [Lamar] is a friend of mine. He’s somebody that I love his music and in my opinion has the best rap album of the year and knowing how the Grammys usually go, I knew there was a great chance we would win that award and in essence rob Kendrick. That’s what happened [last] night. It kinda sucks. I think we made a great album, I think that Kendrick made a better rap album and that’s what it is. … What makes it awkward for me is that you never want to be the person that is robbing somebody else and I think if you look at what the Grammys are, I think that people don’t understand is that what the Grammys are, are a bunch of people that are on the Grammy committee on in the industry, they get a ballot and I got a ballot this year. As I’m filling out the ballot, I’m realizing I don’t know much outside the genre of hip-hop in terms of what should get what award.” (Hot 97)

Hollywood actor/director Michael Rapaport specifically called out the Grammy Awards for snubbing hip-hop and took aim at the Seattle native Sunday night.

“Macklemore won best Rap record at the is dead & KILL the damn Grammys.where the hell is RAKIM?Macklemore ain’t Rap,” Rapaport tweeted January 26.

“RAKIM,KRS1 & BDK are shaking there d*mn heads to break beat Over the fact that Macklemore won best Rap album at the bullsh*t a** Grammys” (Michael Rapaport’s Twitter)

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