New York rapper Fabolous doesn’t forget milestones. The hip-hop veteran has hit up social media to remind fans just how far back his career goes.

Loso jumped on Instagram early Monday (March 5) to acknowledge the 15-year-anniversary of his sophomore album Street Dreams.

March 4, 2003 Happy 15th Anniversary Street Dreams 💿 #StreetDreams

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As of late, various hip-hop stars have co-signed Fab and JadakissFriday On Elm Street album.

During a November listening session, the duo revealed plans to take their show on the road with a tour.

Casanova 2x injected energy into the room once he stepped in. The emerging Brooklyn artist attempted to finesse his way to being the opener for the upcoming Freddy vs. Jason Tour. Fab and Jada wouldn’t confirm the claims but left the door open to the possibility. Kiss, rocking Knicks gear straight out of the NBA Store, said, “We don’t have the dates yet but we’ll let you know soon” when asked about the tour’s possible start date. (Billboard)