New York rapper Fabolous wants to keep seeing the Big Apple getting money together. The hip-hop veteran has saluted Tekashi 6ix9ine and Casanova 2x reuniting.

Fab went to Instagram this weekend with a major salute to the former rap rivals.

Over the weekend, various hip-hop artists celebrated the beef-ending truce.

Both Casa and Tek hit up social media to confirm they’re on strong terms.

Back in January, Casa admitted he did not know why Tek had problems with him.

“6ix9ine, you got three Billboard records. I’m just begging to get one. What would make you even come on my page and give me any light? I don’t even do diss records. You wanna know why? Because I don’t wanna give nobody no light. If I feel like I’m lit, I’m not talking to you. Maybe if you’re litter than me, I might start some action with you but looking down. Again, it’s the process. You got to live and learn. I know that now. All my years in jail, I know how it feels when your mom says she’s not coming up no more.” (Hot 97)