New York rappers Fabolous and Jadakiss have finally delivered their long-awaited Freddy Vs. Jason – sorta. The duo caved into fans’ thirst this week with a playlist inspired by the upcoming project.

Fab and Jada both teamed up with streaming giant Spotify with their exclusive playlist.

Listen to Freddy vs. Jason: The Playlist on @Spotify FABOLOUS x JADAKISS

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Playlist on @spotify #Freddy va Jason

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Earlier in the week, Loso hinted at plans to release the official project in late November.

Then, on Tuesday (Oct. 31), fittingly Halloween, the two rappers let it slip on The Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1 that their “Freddy Vs. Jason” joint project is set to finally be released on Nov. 24. “It’s definitely coming,” Fabolous said. “I mean, we looking at Black Friday. I don’t even know if I was supposed to say that, but you just pulled it out of me.” (Billboard)


A few days ago, both Fab and Jada teased fans with their new “Stand Up” single.

A lil Treat for the Tricks FvsJ

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In January, Fab came forward to discuss the multiple setbacks behind their joint effort.

“We just take our time because we want it to be right because of the magnitude of the project means for hip-hop and New York City hip-hop. Also, we have samples that need to be cleared. Even the licensing thing with using the names Freddy and Jason. In this generation, soon as you say a project is coming, the people want it right away. We try to give people a little bit of the process through social media and Instagram. We’ll show pictures of a studio session with producers like Just Blaze or Harry Fraud. I thought that would be cool because in the ‘90s there were big collaborations, but there was no social media. There’s no pictures of Biggie in the studio with Bone Thugs and that’s something you would’ve wanted to see. Now, we get to do that with social media.” (Complex)