New York rapper Fabolous is 100 percent here for Daytona. The hip-hop veteran has hit up social media to praise Pusha T on his masterpiece.

Fab went to Instagram this week to gush over what Pusha brings to the rap game.

Yesterday, G.O.O.D. Music head Kanye West shared a handwritten co-sign from music mogul Diddy over the Daytona LP.

A few hours prior, Diddy immediately called Pusha’s new solo effort a hip-hop classic.

“Ayo, check out, I just got finished listening to this Pusha T album. All day I’ve been listening to this thing. When I first put it on, first couple of plays, I was like, ‘It’s cold. It’s cold.’ As I started listening to it, you know, I’m such a positive individual that I’m not going to be looking for any flaws or anything negative but I had to at this point because I was like, ‘Hold up, wait a minute. Do we have a classic in the making? Do we have a modern day masterpiece?’ So then I had to put on my responsible hip-hop hat and I had to look for flaws and I couldn’t even find one. This joint Daytona is real deal Holyfield. Pure Pusha T. His best body of work. I mean, it’s just truth. Everybody’s different. This is Pusha T. Daytona. Yeah!”

#Daytona by @kingpush is a classic! A modern day masterpiece!!! Take Dat!!!

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This week, Pusha’s new solo effort has sparked a grip of serious support.