New York rapper Fabolous knows the importance of putting his daddy duties in overdrive. The hip-hop veteran took a moment away from music-making to acknowledge his son’s birthday.

Fab went to Instagram early Monday to shout-out his son Jonas Jackson’s special day.

Back in April, Fab shared a slideshow of pics showing his family outing at an elephant education exhibit.

According to recent reports, Fab recently agreed to enter a pretrial intervention program which allowed him to avoid jail, therapy and anger management courses over a 2018 domestic violence case.

This is generally offered to first-time offenders. Fab’s attorney, Brian Neary, tells TMZ … the charges will be dismissed as long as he completes the program and keeps his nose clean for a year. Neary says Fab must give the court a status update once a month. He also doesn’t need to take part in any therapy or anger management courses. (TMZ)

In February, Fab acknowledged Emily’s birthday with an Instagram shout-out.