New York rapper Fabolous views Mobb Deep‘s The Infamous has much more than a dope rap album. The Brooklyn native has saluted the legendary hip-hop duo on putting out a classic audio recording.

Last night, Loso went to Instagram to speak on the project’s game-changing impact on his personal life.

Yesterday, Queens native Nas also congratulated Mobb Deep on the project’s anniversary.

A few hours ago, Mobb Deep’s Havoc remembered the project’s anniversary.

In a new interview, Hav addressed management company Buck 50 Productions trying to dig into his pockets for alleged past unpaid expenses.

Havoc tells us the lawsuit Buck 50 Productions just filed against Mobb Deep is sickening because he’s doing it after Prodigy’s tragic death last summer in Las Vegas. He says all the suit will do, IF Buck 50 wins, is take food out of the mouths of Prodigy’s kids. Havoc doesn’t seem too concerned though, legally speaking … and says he can prove they never did a damn thing for his career. In fact, he’s entertaining a countersuit. (TMZ)