New York rapper Fabolous has nothing but love and admiration for jailed Black Mafia Family boss Big Meech. Loso went to social media this week to share some serious salutations for the former street hustler.

Early Friday, Fab went to Instagram to share a throwback shot of himself and Meech. In the caption, Fab acknowledged BM’s birthday and revealed they stay in contact.

A few months ago, Atlanta rapper T.I. spoke on his respect for Big Meech with a couple lengthy IG posts.

And now words from 2 more of our legendary leaders. Whoever said our leaders had to be perfect with no stains or mistakes on their legacies to be valuable? Unfortunately we live in Amerikkka…The worst parts of it at that!!! Drugs and guns are just as Amerikkkan as Stars and Stripes!!!Whatever we make outta this sh*t show is worth recognizing. All throughout our American History books there are white people who’ve done far more unmentionable things to far more people in the name of greed & progression… they called it “The American Way”…. They make US celebrate them & hail them as national heroes & founding forefathers(FOH!!!) So I’ll be damned if I’m gon let a conviction of environmental circumstances keep me from celebrating OUR HEROES!!! Never mind where he may be at this moment in time,listen to his message & tell me its not exactly what needs to be said???✊🏽#USorELSE #FreeHoover

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However, Tip’s salute sparked a bit of backlash from people upset over Meech’s street allure.

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A few years ago, Big Meech talked about drug dealer myths and his Black Mafia Family organization.