Brooklyn rap veteran Fabolous needs a few minutes of Nas’ time. The hip-hop stud has reacted to an epic rare throwback pic of God’s Son and late music icon Notorious B.I.G.

Fab went to Instagram Wednesday (May 17) and wondered if Nasty Nas made Biggie music after a past run-in.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.49.49 PM

Last month, reality TV star Kendall Jenner acknowledged a rare B.I.G. pic.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.50.47 PM

Back in March, Biggie Smalls protégé Lil’ Kim dished on how much she missed her mentor.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.08.04 AM

Days prior, Nas shared some epic throwback Notorious B.I.G. pics.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.11.28 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.11.34 AM

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