New York rapper Fabolous is keeping his social media pages pumping content during the nationwide lockdown. The hip-hop veteran went online this week to share some shots of himself modeling and deliver a new video announcement.

Big Facts

Last night, Fab hit up his Instagram page to flex some fresh gear and his priceless-looking waves. He also used the IG post to announce the music video premiere of his “Cold Summer” song.

“How they turn a Top Dog to a Underdog? Cold Summer Video premieres Friday 3/27”

Fabolous announces Cold Summer music video plans
Fabolous announces Cold Summer music video premiere date

High-Key Details

A few days ago, Fab reminded fans he’s still super nice with the wordplay. Loso appeared in a must-see “LA Leakers” freestyle video.

Wait, There’s More

In mid-March, Fab lit up his Instagram page with a crushing announcement. Loso admitted the current coronavirus epidemic had forced him to postpone his next tour stops.

“Due to precautions to contain the coronavirus The Cold Summer Tour has been POSTPONED. CONNECTICUT, PROVIDENCE, R.I, & BOSTON have rescheduled to MAY 29th, 30th, 31st”

Before You Go

The Brooklyn native recently online to put some respect on his own name. Fab acknowledged his Street Dreams album’s 17-year anniversary and saluted his diehard fans.

“Streets Dreams – March 4th 2003. Happy 17th Anniversary. My 2nd Platinum Album. At a time when the Sophomore Jinx was real. A lot of artists couldn’t do it again back then. But I did with love of my fans. Appreciate everyone who supported it!”

Fabolous Celebrates STREET DREAMS 17-Year Anniversary