The highly-anticipated release of music moguls Dr. Dre and Ice Cube‘s Straight Outta Compton has sparked some negative reactions from the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to reports, various LAPD cops are upset over the N.W.A. biopic’s release because of how it portrays police on the big screen.

Former L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine, who was himself an LAPD cop and headed up the Police Protective League, tells us, “It’s a terrible time to release a movie like this. It adds fuel to the fire for hating cops.” The cops we spoke with are bitter, especially because they say they’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating bonds in areas where police abuse was once prevalent. (TMZ)

Check out rap star Game’s reaction to the “Straight Outta Compton” flick sparking security concerns reports on the next page…

A few days ago, West Coast rapper Game blasted reports about the new movie sparking security issues at movie theaters.

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More guns n violence in Mission Impossible movies but yall wanna crackdown on #StraightOuttaCompton & put police outside the theaters ??? Cut it the fuck out…….. The people who the actors are portraying have persevered in life & are currently worth millions & are changing the world as far as Dre is concerned with his headphones & music & cube with his company…. & both are huge philanthropist & donate millions back to this city & others…… They can't put out a movie depicting their own trials & triumphs without the overcast of the same black cloud that tried to keep them from progressing in the 1st place ??? The news, government, authorities etc fuckin kill me…… Wish we could dissect everything you crooked fucks do & let it be known to & viewed by the world under the same microscope. SMFH… Taking cops out of their daily duty to secure movie theaters ?? You motherfuckers are stupid…. I repeat "STUPID"….. #Compton

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TV icon Oprah Winfrey revealed how much she loved the long-awaited flick on Twitter last weekend.

Recently, Cube promised personal feelings had nothing to do with late rapper Eazy-E’s son not portraying his father.

“He’s an up-and-coming actor trying to do it but we needed somebody who was a little more polished to play Eazy, because he goes through a lot in his life. He goes from selling dope in Compton to fighting for his life in a hospital bed. So we needed to find an actor with a lot of range. And we just couldn’t use just anybody. We gave him a shot, and it just didn’t work out.” (KS 107.5)