Are you tired of hearing the same music? Do you need to expand your music stash? Could your collection use some serious hip-hop this summer?

Last time we gave away 2 Digital Copies of the new rap compilation UGS4LIFE Presents F–K Tha Lamestream, but this time we are giving away 2 physical copies of the project on Double CD. All the reasons for buying this dope project are the same, but the CD is a limited edition 2CD Set and features two bonus posse cuts that are not on the Digital release.

Two lucky winners will receive an autographed copy sent directly to you by longtime hip-hop personality Scott “Prezident” Bejda! Of course we encourage all the digital fiends to cop this album at your favorite online music platform, but for those collectors, visit www.ugs4life.com today and order your copy before they are all gone.

Reason 1: Bars Over BS & Talent Before Trends

F–K Tha Lamestream is much more than just a Rap Compilation, it makes a bold statement to the powers that be who are in control of the genre. It shows these label CEOs, program directors, and everyone else that is promoting repetitive sounding nonsense that talent in Hip Hop still exists.

When compiling this project I wanted to match various artists together to showcase their talents as well as show the youth how it should be done. Right now the youth is stuck in a mode where it is like the blind leading the blind, but it is not their fault, adults are to blame. I wanted to take a bunch of veteran emcees and show the world that people can still come together in 2018 and make dope music with the hopes of preserving Hip Hop for generations to come.

This project is packed full of real Hip Hop music of all kinds, but no matter what style it is, there is nothing but lyrical content through out. If you are sick of Mumble Rap, over use of Autotune, and meaningless garbage then this is the project for you because it has none of that. Every song has serious bars with all kinds of dope flows to accompany them. This is for the fan of true Hip Hop. [BUY YOUR COPY NOW! CLICK HERE!]

[If you’re in need of epic production then look no further…]

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