Former Three 6 Mafia member Crunchy Black is reportedly headed to jail to serve out a seven-month sentence following an arrest on drug charges.

According to reports, CB appeared in court Wednesday (April 29) and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug possession.

Crunch had the worst defense we’ve heard in a while. According to the police report, when an officer found the drugs on Crunchy … he replied, “Oh damn. I was trying to buy that powder, not meth.” The Oscar winner got 30 days for the drugs, but also had 6 months to serve for a domestic violence case he’d skipped out on — so, he’ll do the time consecutively. (TMZ)

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Reports last month claimed an active warrant still had Crunchy’s name attached to it.

County records show that Darnell Carlton, who went by the name “Crunchy Black” with Three 6 Mafia before a falling out with other members, has been charged with two counts of felony domestic assault and one charge of drug possession. An arrest warrant was issued last November after Carlton failed to appear at a November court date. (CBS Local)

A statement from the firm hired to recover Crunchy Black had also been issued.

“If he does not choose to handle this appropriately we will continue to be obliged with continued dedicated efforts nationwide to apprehend him. We will not stop, we will continue to hunt this wanted fugitive around the nation until he is brought to justice. As one of his releases title says, ‘It’s hard out here for a pimp.’ We would tend to agree with that at this current time.” (Statement)

Buzz about Crunchy’s warrant bubbled online back in March.

CB and his lady were in a hotel room in March when guests began hearing thuds and screaming coming from the room. A hotel employee went up to check and found Crunchy’s financee had locked herself in the bathroom. The hotel employee claimed CB’s fiancee said she would only come out if Crunchy would “stop beating her.” When police arrived, they found blood on the hotel bed and door frame as well as facial injuries. (TMZ)