Former Terror Squad member Tony Sunshine has released a video going after Fat Joe and accusing him of stealing funds from the late Big Pun.

Sunshine also accused Joey Crack of trying to blackball him from the music industry.

“Son, what happened to all that bread you stole B., you aint flip that?” Tony Sunshine asked, referring to years-old-claims that Fat Joe allegedly stole royalties from the late Big Pun and other members of The Terror Squad. “You were supposed to be my boy son, but you lied. You was supposed to be 100,” Tony Sunshine said as he accused Fat Joe of attempting to blackball him from the industry. Tony Sunshine has been an associate of Fat Joe’s since he met the rapper in the Bronx at the age of 13 and had been a part of The Terror Squad from 2000-2008. (All Hip Hop)

Last year, ex-Squad member Armageddon spoke on parting ways with Crack.

“I’m over it so we’re good,” he explained about exiting TS. “We’re good money. I still talk to Joe here and there. I still talk to Prospect. I’m just doing my own thing. I wanna say no [reunion], there’s no chance, but you never f*cking know, B. You never know. But at this point, where I’m at right now and where everybody’s at right now, I don’t see that happening because some cats I just don’t rock with and some cats just don’t have the integrity that I would feel comfortable dealing with. They sh*t on you one day and then they got love for you the next day and then they sh*t on you again. I can’t play those games and I can’t see that happening. I got people telling me that such and such needs my help and I should do something but I’ve been there and done that. I don’t go backwards and I’m not joining the washed up rapper plan where everybody goes and gets together and goes after the big fish. I’m not with all that. I’m doing my own thing. As of now I don’t see that happening.” (Hip Hop Game)

Ex-Terror Squad member Cuban Link previously cited Fat Joe’s shady business practices.

“It’s gon be some sh*t man [if I see him in the street],” Link promised in an interview. “Yeah, not that I want to put it out there like that, ’cause you know. It’s still serious enough that I don’t get along with him like that. His talent definitely was business. He’s a business man to the point that he know what he wanted and he’ll get it, whatever. He’ll use his gift of gab to get it and once he gets it, he uses people and throws ’em away. That’s what he does. He always rides with what’s hot right now. You always see the hottest n*ggas that are out, he always knows hot to suck up to them so he gets that record from ’em so he stays in the loop…[Big] Pun gave him the strength, sold a million records and gave him business power…Talking about blacklisted, he blacklisted Franky Cutlass, that’s back in the day sh*t right there…King Sun, those are the people that wrote his first album.” (Forbez DVD)

Tony Sunshine, Armageddon and Cuban Link were initially members of the early Terror Squad which included Big Pun.

Big Pun and Fat Joe were the name-brand attraction to Terror Squad, which also included fellow Bronx rappers Cuban Link, Armageddon, Prospect and Triple Seis, along with singer Tony Sunshine. Fat Joe debuted the group on his Don Cartagena album (1998), featuring certain members separately and bringing together everyone for “The Hidden Hand.” A year later came the debut, self-titled Terror Squad album. Atlantic released it in September, but it didn’t spawn any substantial hits. (All Music)

Check out the footage below: