Spider Loc is a West Coast vet who appeared on some Death Row projects before becoming part of G-Unit. After leaving G-Unit, the Compton emcee continued to keep his name relevant by making music as well as acting in film and on TV. Check out some of the best moments from his recent appearance on the Murder Master Music Show.

1. 50 Cent Telling Him Not To Get Involved In Game Beef

There was some conversation about displeasure with Game at that time with 50. I would like to clear the air because I often hear the misconception that 50 told me to get at Game 50 advised me over and over again not to get involved in that sh*t. The actual dynamic was me and my homies was bangin’ G-Unit and he was bangin’ G-Unot. He would do a lot of diss songs where he would diss them and then say something positive towards me and he was making a real effort to leave me out if.

2. Spider Speaks On His Album Not Dropping On G-Unit

It was somewhat of a mystery to myself! I was told in ’06 by Curtis himself that my album was completed and he called me and let me know he was impressed and had a marketing campaign but he never followed through and I don’t exactly know why. Blutiful he had zero input whatsoever. I shot the video that he offered up to me. As to why it would never manifest it is a mystery to me.

3. Game Got At Spider Loc To Try To Mend 50 Cent Relationship

I had a relationship with Game that preceded me meeting 50 Cent,. We have alotta mutual friends. So he went out of his way to leave me out of the controversy. I remember when I was overseas and Game called my phone and asked me to mediate on his behalf with 50 Cent and Young Buck was there with me on the phone call. I don’t assume he is sitting around now with no ill feelings towards me and same with me towards him.

4. Never Had A Death Row Contract

I was never under a contract. Suge gave me a series of contracts to review but never gave anything that was qualified to be signed. It got to a point to where I had realized to move forward with my career it was becoming more of a negative to be associated with Suge’s label at that time!

5. People Saggin’

Ya’ll tell me this, am I the only one that is disgusted by the fact that n*ggas is so comfortable saggin’ with these tight a** draws showin’ the shape of their a**? N*ggas don’t give a f*ck about their a** hangin’ out! We are living in a weird time. Pull yo sh*t up!

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