Maybach Music Group member Meek Mill is in danger of losing $750,000 after being slammed with a lawsuit by a former Philadelphia police officer. #PumpItUp

Details of Meek’s hefty lawsuit emerged online early Tuesday (June 17).

In a new lawsuit, the cop says Meek defamed him in interviews … damaging his reputation and character. He was fired for allegations unrelated to Meek’s case — but claims it’s been hard to find work because of Meek slamming him in the media. Worst of all, the officer hints he’s uhh — misfiring in the bedroom. He claims the case “had a strong affect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée.” The cop claims he has not worked in a year and is suing for $750,000 in damages. (TMZ)

Last month, Meek said he ran into some bad luck with the jury selected for his publicized criminal case.

“The cop I had a lawsuit on, he had about so many complaints about him. He got fired right after I sued them. But he didn’t get fired for me suing them. On the day of court it was like they just believed the cop. I didn’t know that cop had 80 priors when I sued them. I found that when my lawyer investigated and found that out. You know how it go in Federal Court. It’s a jury. They pick a jury. I respect the opinion of the jury but most of the people in the jury was White. They don’t really like understand. They might live on a farm, some of these people live in like suburban areas, they don’t understand the culture where I come from. All they gonna understand is, ‘He’s a cop and he’s not a cop.’ They just went with his word.” (Complex)

Details of the case’s outcome and Mill’s reaction sprouted online in early May.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill lost his civil-rights case against city police Thursday over a 10-hour traffic stop that he called racially motivated. Mill, who trying to catch a flight to Atlanta to launch his debut album, was instead handcuffed and detained on Halloween night 2012 with his entourage: an Atlantic Records executive, an off-duty police officer and his cousin. “They ain’t from where I’m from,” Mill said softly of the jury after they reached their decision. “I (don’t) really expect them to understand what I go through.” (ABC Local)

Reports of Mill wanting to seek legal action against local police heated the Internet in April.

Meek says he was cuffed for refusing to let cops search — and he ended up missing a private jet flight to Atlanta. Meek claims he lost $22k on the cancelled jet and a $39K appearance fee for the A-Town party he missed. In the docs, he also claims he took a hit in negotiating a $2 million deal with Puma because all the negative pub from the arrest … forced him to settle for a mere $650K. Meek is suing the city of Philly for false imprisonment, invasion of privacy … and most importantly (we suspect) to get back some of that lost dough. (TMZ)