Former police officer Derek Chauvin is going to have a chance to get out of prison. The disgraced ex-cop and man responsible for killing black man George Floyd has had his bail set at $1.25 million.

Chauvin x Bail

According to reports, Chauvin – who went viral for using his knee to ultimately end George’s life during an arrest – had his bail set on Monday during a hearing. If he does make bail, it is expected to be supervised.

Like his fellow officers who were arrested, Chauvin was offered a reduced bail of $1 million if he agrees to certain conditions, including that he not work in security or law enforcement, not have contact with Floyd’s family, not leave Minnesota and surrender all firearms and permits. If he posts bail, his release would be supervised, Judge Jeannice Reding said. Wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, blue mask and handcuffs, Chauvin appeared via video link. He is being held at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights in Stillwater, outside Minneapolis. (CNN)

Minneapolis x Council

This past Sunday, a majority of the Minneapolis City Council dished on what’s coming for the police department including a major disbanding.

Nine of the council’s 12 members — a veto-proof majority — appeared at a rally Sunday to discuss their plans. The team publicly ripped the department for letting down its city and residents. “Our commitment is to do what’s necessary to keep every single member of our community safe and to tell the truth — that the Minneapolis police are not doing that, Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said. “Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department, to end policing as we know it, and to re-create systems of public safety that actually keep us safe.” (Courthouse News)

Wait, There’s More

This past weekend, rap star 50 Cent hit up Instagram to share footage of Minneapolis Mayor Frey getting booed. 50 even went as far as to predict Frey caught major emotions after the now-viral incident.

“That’s the Mayor, 😳Damn they did him dirty. I know he went home and cried like a baby. 😟🤦‍♂️#bransoncognac#lecheminduroi

Minneapolis Mayor Frey booed – 50 Cent reacts

Before You Go

The footage reportedly came from this past Saturday when Mayor Frey addressed Minneapolis protesters. People unloaded with emotions after he said he would not defund the city’s police force.

In videos widely shared on social media over the weekend, the Jewish mayor was asked directly at a protest in the city on Saturday whether he would commit to defunding the department. After Frey replied that he did not support “the full abolition” of the force, protesters shouted “shame” and “Jacob, go home” as Frey retreated from the demonstration. (TTOI)

Minneapolis plan to dismantle police department