[With emotions still high stemming from the death of Maryland man Freddie Gray, jailed ex-drug kingpin Linwood “Rudy” Williams speaks to SOHH from behind bars to address his hometown’s crisis, the riots, police brutality and much more.]

SOHH: Is a call for peace really believable and as productive as so many people are demanding? At this point, haven’t we seen all too often the non-violent protests are not as effective as we have hoped? There were peaceful protests for the Ferguson, Trayvon Martin and other police brutality cases but this continues to happen.

No, it is not; our frightened, paranoid and corrupted rulers behind the scene have absolutely no intention or inclination to reign in the police just for killing a “thug.” After all, the sacred job of protecting our hidden rulers and their God-given right to kill, rape, rob and plunder the earth is a very stressful and thankless gig and thus the police must be allowed to vent their inherent rage and neurosis now and then by killing “gangbangers” and “thugs.” No matter how many “thugs” the police murder in cold blood, their license to kill will be renewed and re-issued to them by our wise and tolerant political leaders, scientists and statesmen, because the police are de facto hired guns and assassins for the rich and powerful international banksters who truly own and control the government.

SOHH: As extreme as it may sound, is violence necessary at this point? Haven’t we seen America use wars to fight for freedom and justice with other countries? Have we reached the point where some form of violence could actually be positive? At what point do we continue to let law enforcement kill innocent people, specifically blacks?

Violence is not a wise or viable option for my people; the more guns we get, the more we use them to kill each other and not those responsible for killing us. I don’t see that happening any time soon. Before real change can be accomplished, there must be education, self-respect, unity and very serious organizing.

SOHH: It feels like something’s gotta give at this point. What do you think of Black Americans fearing for their lives? How do you preach peaceful protests to the youth when they are seeing their friends, family members and parents have their lives taken away from them?

They need to be taught and not preached to. People have been preaching to us since we emerged from chattel to economic and political slavery. The youth is tired of the hypocritical and pathetic lies from people who have authority over them. The authorities are mainly concern with preserving the miserable status quo and their privileges. The young people are always the real leaders and catalysts of change.

SOHH: What are your thoughts on the rioting? How can the anger and frustration and fear be turned into positive energy at this point? How do you deal with the rage Americans, specifically Black Americans, have in them right now? When do we say, “Enough is enough?”

That energy must be organized and rechanneled in the right direction. Blind rage cannot win without being healed with love and re-directed in a positive manner. Not too much good can come from anger. Anger is a false friend; it will soon abandon you, and, though nothing much will change, you will be scarred for life.

SOHH: What will it take for law enforcement/police to be held accountable for their crimes? There is no recourse for police, there feels like there is the expectation of them upholding the law when many of them are abusing it. How can the criminal justice system be fixed?

A regime change on Wall Street and in Congress. The legal system can’t be fixed. It should be scrapped and given back to England and British Bar Association from which it came. We deserve our own common law system and not one set up by King George’s conniving descendants to rob us of our substance through the Federal Reserve. For every good law the Feds make, they create 10 bad ones to cancel it out.

SOHH: Obviously your words are enormous based on your background but what about celebrities and hip-hop artists who are from the streets, what is your take on them coming out and speaking on this unjust? Some do but the vast majority like Jay Z pick and choose when it seems convenient for them.

Fat chance of that happening — all but a microscopic few celebrities and hip hop artists have sold their souls to corporate America and are afraid to speak their minds. The Wall Street fat cats has their balls and their tongues.

SOHH: Your book has so much in-depth information and knowledge, what do you ultimately hope to gain with its release? What motivated you to want to speak out?

My big goal and mission in life as a writer and an artist is to use my voice, knowledge and intelligence to open the eyes of the American people so that they can see what the King got on under his robe. Maturity and unconditional love for my people. Thinking is the best thing that one can ever do. If you are really good at it you don’t need your hands, legs and arms to accomplish great things. All you need is your mouth and your brain. By putting me in prison, they enabled me to do more thinking than I could if I was out there. My mind is highly advanced.

SOHH: What is the best way to describe the Baltimore scene, especially as horrific cases like the Freddie Gray death happen? Has there always been tension between police and residents?

A colonial plantation, and yes, it’s always been tension between the police and the black community.

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