“Everyday Struggle” host Akademiks no longer has to worry about a hefty jail bid. The hip-hop personality has announced his return following hype about possibly landing a five to ten-year sentence for an undisclosed crime.

Last night, Ak went to Twitter to announce his mighty return and hint at doing minimal time.

Earlier in the week, a clip went viral of Ak revealing the severity and likelihood of getting hit with a criminal punishment.

“I’m addressing my chat n*ggas. They might lock a n*gga up in the morning. I caught a little case, you feel me? I thought about running but then I realized, ‘I ain’t kill nobody.’ The worst they’re gonna give me is five to ten years you know what I mean and I could snitch on five people and probably get a couple months. Nah, that’s a joke, that’s a joke.”

Once the clip went viral, all of the hip-hop personality’s Instagram posts had a “Free Akademiks” hashtag on them.

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