G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo is here for 50 Cent even when he’s flexing on the ‘gram. The hip-hop veteran has co-signed some hefty shade thrown at Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave.

Yayo snuck into 50 Cent’s Instagram comments to taunt Troy about recently calling Casanova 2x fictional character Pimpin Curly.

πŸ˜‚Even #TonyYayo is laughing his azzz off at πŸ“Έ #50Cent lighting up #TroyAve

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A few hours ago, 50 Cent singled out Troy Ave with his hard-hitting post about taking the stand in a publicized 2016 shooting case.

Earlier this month, Troy Ave came forward to address where things stood between himself and Casanova 2x.

“I’m not gonna let my pride be a handicap and stop me in life. Because like I said, people have more pride than money. In certain situations, like the A**anova thing, he’s doing a Pimpin’ Curly skit. And what did [Rick] Ross do? He just kept working and working. I’m just gonna [keep working]. I don’t care about that.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few weeks ago, Casanova co-signed an anti-Troy Ave meme video about him possibly snitching on jailed podcaster Taxstone.